Centre for Subtropical Design

– Design research specialists for warm climates
and resilient cities

The Centre for Subtropical Design…is committed to delivering the best possible outcomes for research, learning and innovation. “…The Centre is internationally renowned for its design research specialists committed to sustainable habitation in warm climates”

About CSD

The Centre for Subtropical Design is an international collaborative research centre at the Queensland University of Technology. It is contributing new evidence and innovation for the future design of our urban places in warm climates in the 21st Century.

It is estimated that some three billion people are living in the world’s tropical regions and that number is likely to double by the end of the century. With population growth and increased urbanisation in these regions, risks to life and property associated with extreme weather events will have major impacts economically, socially and environmentally. Such a serious challenge requires innovative solutions to help mitigate impacts to built form, public space, major infrastructure, food security and importantly, people, their property and livelihoods

The Centre for Subtropical Design undertakes design research for healthy, resilient and sustainable communities in subtropical and tropical environments globally. We aim to encourage design of climatically responsive and sustainable people places that ensure resilient communities for the future.

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